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Try Amusement Tower – Artwork

December 17, 2018

After more than a full year hiatus I’m finally getting my shit together and posting something here. Not that anyone is expecting a stream of posts I guess, but…

Last year one of my friends bought a container from Japan full of Astro City and Blast City cabinets, and it turned out to be cabinets from the closing retro floor of the Try Amusement Tower arcade in Akihabara, Tokyo. Here’s a few pictures found on the interwebz from when Try pulled the plug on the final day:

When we unloaded the container, we saved some of the best looking instruction labels and some other artwork as well. Goal is to preserve it so that one of the best arcades in Tokyo does not fall into oblivion. I’m starting with the Instruction strip, which has been scanned in 300 DPI and saved as a PDF.

Artwork from Try Amusement Tower

Instruction strip:

Click the image to download the PDF

A few more bits and pieces will be uploaded in the near future.

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