Mushihimesama Original Mode 1CC

September 22, 2017

The last two week I’ve sporadically tried to 1 credit clear Mushihimesama Original Mode. The day before yesterday I had three credits where I ended up at the last boss running low on both bombs and lives. The last credit I had that day ended up with the boss having 6-7 pixels worth of life left. I banged my fist in the arcade stool as a result of that.

Yesterday I got an idea of having a permanently setup for video recording from the arcade cabinets, so I grabbed an old laptop and the rest of the hardware and installed it beside the cabinets. When running the first test on the new hardware setup, I managed to finally get the 1CC, and this time I raised my fist in the air instead of banging it in the arcade stool.

It was a refreshing feeling playing the regular Mushihimesama instead of Mushihimesama Futari Black Label that I’ve been playing lately. Mushihimesama is much more about memorizing patterns and where to be when certain enemies spawn. Failing one of those goals will most certain get you in more trouble than you want.

2017/09/21 MASTER VER.

Hi, and welcome to my blog. This is the third revision of the website, and after taking a detour on Tumblr we're back in the warm hands of a self hosted WordPress-website instead. This blog is my own personal space where I share shmup (or other) related stuff I find around the internet. I will also use this blog as my archive for gaming achievments, like 1 credit clears.